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Certification in Hindu Priesthood

This is a unique online program designed for lay people and youth who wish to take up the vocation of Hindu Priest. For those who wish to pursue further studies in the field can transfer these credits into the Master’s program offered by HUA. The certification requires completion of the four courses listed below. Each course is for 12 weeks and students who take 2 courses per semester can finish the requirements in six months. The program also includes 12 weeks of practical training at a local temple under the supervision of the temple priest.

All the courses in this certification course are practical, tradition specific training under the guidance   of   the   qualified instructors   in traditional systems. The specific requirements of the training would be decided by the instructors depending upon the student’s abilities.

Graduates of this certification program can serve the local community by performing pujas in home settings or assist temple priests in services.

The following four courses are required:

HDN 5101 Saṃskāras              3 credits

The major Hindu saṃskāras as per the select traditions (Sampradāyas) are discussed in theory and practice.

HDN 5102 Festivals and Pūjās              3 credits

The major Hindu festivals and pūjās as per the select traditions (Sampradāyas) discussed in theory and practice.

HDN 5103 Rituals in Different sects (Sampradāyas)              3 credits

Major Hindu Rituals in different traditions (Sampradāyas) as per the select specializations are discussed in depth of theory and practice to bring out the similarities and differences in various sects of Hindu traditions.

HDN 5104 Field Practice              3 credits

The field practice involves actual apprenticeship in an operating temple. The practice includes the major Hindu Saṃskāras, Festivals and Pūjās, Rituals in different traditions (Sampradāyas), in their aspects of practical observance in the contemporary society. This is an integration of the theory and the practical components of the entire course for societal application.

The fee for the instructional program for certification is $2000. 


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Vison of IHU

Uniting ancient spiritual and religious wisdom of the East with the curiosity of the West, IHU is dedicated to the emergence of Hindu Dharma in a world in need of peace, co-existence, and mutual respect. We welcome students of all ages, faiths, disciplines, and degrees to join us in exploring the modern legacy of the oldest religion on earth.

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