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Chaplain Certification

Volunteer Hindu Chaplain Certification

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Course 1 Course 1 Introduction to Hindu Chaplaincy
Course 2 Basics of Pastoral and Spiritual Counseling (Admission to Course 2 will be granted after satisfactory completion of Course 1)

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List all institutions, degrees with subjects, and year of graduation. Official transcripts are needed. With this application, you may send copies, and arrange for official transcripts to be sent later

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Please mail in a check payable to "Hindu Institute of Science and Technology" for the amount of $500. The mailing address for the check is:

Mr. Satya Gupta,
International Hindu University, 5340 North Federal Highway, Suite 204,Lighthouse Point, FL-33064


International Hindu University is a not-for-profit, post-secondary degree-granting institution recognized by the Florida Department of Education and Florida Commission on Independent Education under the authority of Florida State Statutes, Section 1005.06.

Vison of IHU

Uniting ancient spiritual and religious wisdom of the East with the curiosity of the West, IHU is dedicated to the emergence of Hindu Dharma in a world in need of peace, co-existence, and mutual respect. We welcome students of all ages, faiths, disciplines, and degrees to join us in exploring the modern legacy of the oldest religion on earth.

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