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Hindu Spiritual Counseling

There is a great need for chaplains from all Eastern Spiritual Traditions in the west. Hindu temples and societies also need such services for their members. To this end, International Hindu University has developed a Master’s degree in Hindu spiritual care. This chaplaincy masters’ program requires 30 credits including Clinical Pastoral Experience.

Degree Level Certificate IHU Diploma Adv. Diploma Masters
Credit Requirement 9 18 30 30

Hindu Tradition: Total   Credits 12

These courses are designed to provide a background of Hindu traditions needed to present Hindu values and concepts to the general public, to chaplaincy situations, and to other faith leaders. Each course is 3 credits.

HUC 5001 Principles of Hinduism
HNP 6204 Introduction to Hindu chaplaincy
AYU 5001 Introduction to Ayurveda
Pastoral and Spiritual Care Basics

Clinical Pastoral Education   Credits 12

Listening, Communication, Analysis and Counseling for Suffering, Grief, Despair, Depression Fear, Death Issues from Hindu perspective. Clinical Pastoral Education is interfaith professional education in the field of pastoral care. It is intended for theological students and ministers of all faiths who want to learn pastoral care skills and work within a pluralistic and clinical setting. CPE offers a rich environment for learning pastoral care skills while understanding end-of-life care issues and the overall duties of a chaplain. Students are required to earn a minimum of 400 hours of training (a minimum of 100 educational hours and 300 clinical hours) and comply with ACPE Standards.

Interfaith Studies and Specialty Trainings   Credits 3

In today’s society there are ofteninstanceswhen religions and spiritual groups need to come together to focus on universal problems or to celebrate universal activities. Chaplains need to have the background and skills to conduct such events.Each course is 3 credits. Choose any one:

1. HNP 6210 Major World Religions (beliefs, attitudes towards various spiritual issues)
2. HNP 6900 Independent Study: Conducting interfaith programs, services, ceremonies, interfacing with other religions, cultures in preparing programs focused on world peace and harmony.
3. HNP 6210 Interfaith Connections

Student must take one class of additional area of Hindu Service.   3 Credits

HNP 6211 Hindu Ceremonies:At times a chaplain may be asked to perform a baby blessing, end of life ceremony, explain basic Hindu worship of Puja, explain various festivals and Hindu holy days, or learn about eastern astrology principles.Choose any one:

1  Puja and Rituals, Festivals
2  Samskaras
3  Jotish practices
4  HNP 6900 Independent Study


International Hindu University is a not-for-profit, post-secondary degree-granting institution recognized by the Florida Department of Education and Florida Commission on Independent Education under the authority of Florida State Statutes, Section 1005.06.

Vison of IHU

Uniting ancient spiritual and religious wisdom of the East with the curiosity of the West, IHU is dedicated to the emergence of Hindu Dharma in a world in need of peace, co-existence, and mutual respect. We welcome students of all ages, faiths, disciplines, and degrees to join us in exploring the modern legacy of the oldest religion on earth.

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