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Research Methodology

HUC 5004 – Research Methodology

Course Description:

‘Research Methodology’ is a course designed to provide an introduction to the essential skills required for the process of collecting information and data and organizing it cohesively for publication, surveys, interviews and other research techniques.

Research Methodology course is designed to help the students in thinking about all the steps required to ensure that the final product or thesis/ dissertation meets the standard requirements and is a good quality piece of work. The methodology taught will not only be useful for the
successful completion of coursework at HU, but will also be useful in other academic or professional pursuits.

This course addresses many issues in its presentation including: What is research? Research vs. Assessment; Objectives of Research; Scientific Methods; Research in Social Studies; Limitations of Social Science Research; Ethics in Social Science Research; Conceptual or Theoretical Models; Classification of Research; Review of Literature; Need for Reviewing Literature; What to Review and for What Purpose? Literature Search Procedure; Sources of Literature; Research Design or Plan; The Planning Process; Selection of a Problem for Research; Formulation of the Selected Problem; Hypothesis; Concepts; Measurement; Sampling; Methods and Tools for Collection and Analysis of Data for Justifiable Inferences or Conclusions; Report Writing and Citations; Plagiarism; Research Report Format; Principles of Writing; Documentation: Footnotes and Bibliography; Writing/Typing the report; Briefing and Evaluation of Research Report.

Through the examples and illustrations used in the course lessons, the student will get acquainted with a wide variety of source materials and methods to justify the approach and methods used in their research and to cite appropriate literature.

Course Evaluation & Grading

This is a core course of HU Master’s and doctoral programs. On successful completion, participants receive 3 academic credits. Participants also receive a course completion certificate from IHU.

Course evaluation is based upon the successful and timely completion of assignments, mid-term examination and final research paper. To earn a passing grade in this course one must obtain a grade of at least a “C”. The ultimate goal of the course is attaining the skill of effective and quality research along with justifiable dissertation and/or publication writing techniques

Fully Online Course Classes offered each semester 3 Credits

Course Outline

The distance-education course is delivered in 7 modules as below. Campus classes run for 11 weeks each semester.

  • Introduction to the foundation, types and methods of research
  • Social Science Research
  • Review of Literature
  • Planning of Research and Overview of Sampling Techniques and Design
  • Tools and Methods for Collection, Processing and Statistical Analysis of Data
  • Field Work, Construction of Schedules, Pilot Studies and Pretests
  • Report Writing, Briefing and Evaluation of Research Report

Recommended text:

Methodology of Research in Social Sciences; Author: O. R. Krishnaswamy, Himalaya Publishing House; (, 1993; ISBN: 81-7866-132-2.

What will you learn

  • Skills related to develop the process of thinking and techniques required for a good quality piece of research work
  • Different types of research and useful tools, methods and techniques for successful research
  • Critical analysis of literature and extracting useful information from it
  • Writing research papers

Course Instructor:

Dr. Sharmistha Chatterjee

Dr. Sharmistha Chatterjee, Florida, USA

Dr. Sharmistha Chatterjee earned her doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. She has several publications to her credit and also serves as a member of review board of several international technology related conferences and research journals. Dr. Chatterjee has been involved in teaching and research for more than 7 years. Currently, she is also the Associate Dean at HUSouth Florida Campus.


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